Our Impact

Our Impact

There are clear results when communities come together to help students understand and experience what’s possible. Students build skills and improve academic performance, communities make connections and working professionals are engaged. In other words, together, we make possibilities reality.

A Movement of Adults, Companies and Communities Promoting Possibility

More than 4,500 supporters powered The Possibility Movement in 2016-17, helping 2.600+ students build individual skills and access learning opportunities. 92% of Spark Students have graduated or are on track to graduate on time, compared to an average of 68% in the districts Spark serves.

School Partners

Spark Lab Volunteers

Company Partners


Spark Mentors

New Skills, Resources and Caring Adults Equip Students on the Journey of Self-Discovery

Across explorative, immersive and transition support program offerings, Spark helps students and volunteers hone skills, connect diverse communities and improve performance.

Individual Skills

of Spark Students are on track to graduate on time, compared to an average of 68% in the districts Spark partners with

of Spark Students demonstrated significant growth in youth development

of Spark Mentors developed new skills such as communication, leadership and collaboration

Community Connections

of Spark Students met or exceeded expectations in skills necessary for success in the workplace

of Spark Students agreed or strongly agreed that they know people who can help them do well in high school as a result of Spark High School Pathways

of Spark Mentors feel closer to their community

Performance & Engagement

of Spark Students demonstrated growth in classroom engagement, including enthusiasm for learning and trying hard despite setbacks — at a time when average student engagement declines

agreed that what’s learned in school is important for their future

of Spark Mentors have increased their satisfaction, motivation and appreciation for their job