Our Impact

The Power of Possibility

The quality of our programs, the impact of our interventions, and the satisfaction of our students and mentors are of utmost importance to the Spark Team. We are dedicated to consistently collecting and analyzing data, ranging from student graduation rates to mentor retention, to best understand and inform our practices.  



The Possibility Movement

Since Spark launched, almost 10,000 students and 10,000 mentors have connected through The Possibility Movement –  challenging what is known, discovering opportunities beyond what is expected, and paving the way for future successes. 

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Spark Mentors

Spark defines and measures impact across three central pillars:

Social-Emotional Skills

of Spark Students are on track to graduate on time, compared to an average of 68% in the districts Spark partners with

of Spark Students grew in Social Emotional Skills

of Spark Mentors report learning skills at Spark that will help them do their job better.

Social Capital

of Spark Students agree that they learned about different jobs and careers they didn’t know about before Spark.

agreed that their Spark experience helped them figure out what kind of job or career they want as an adult.

of Spark Students agreed or strongly agreed that they know people who can help them do well in high school as a result of Spark High School Pathways

of mentors report learning skills at Spark that will help them do their job better.

Performance & Engagement

of Spark students improved in critical competencies for successful classroom engagement — at a time when average student engagement declines.

of mentors report feeling more comfortable working with people that are different from them because of their involvement with Spark.