Strategic Growth Plan

Spark's 10-year Vision

Investing in Quality, Scalability and Sustainability Spark’s strategic plan confidently and affirmatively answers the question, "Can this high-touch, high-impact model be effectively implemented at scale?" This plan lays the foundation for the organization to ignite thousands more bright futures in the next decade.

Serve 10,000+ Students Annually by 2026

Spark’s tailor-made mentoring program for students in the middle grades has been tested and proven for more than 10 years to help students understand, experience and pursue what’s possible for their future.

Align Program and Business Models for Growth and Impact

To achieve its 10-year vision, Spark will

Enhance the Program Model

Improve the Quality of Partnerships

Empower & Align the Organization

Build Earned Revenue & Grow Philanthropy

Drive Depth & Add New Markets

Strategic Growth Goals

10,000+ Students Annually

100+ School Partners

20,000+ Mentoring Experiences Annually

Hundreds of Corporate Partners

8 Regions

Financial Sustainability

Growing Spark’s National Footprint

Multi-Year Plan & Long-Term Vision


Develop resources, training and technologies

Trial elements of partnership, program and business models


Implement updated program and business models

Transition partnerships to new models


Grow more students per school, more schools per region

Assess and ramp up for new markets


Begin launch in one of four new regions

Continue scaling in existing regions

Discovery Fund: Investing in Spark’s Growth

$12 million For Growth Investments

Beyond its annual operating budget, Spark seeks long-term committed partners to invest in capacity building, innovation and marketing to drive successful future growth with increased quality and sustainable revenue.

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