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Powering Possibility

Schools, companies, organizations and funders are committed to providing Spark Students the access, skills and resources needed to understand, experience and pursue what’s possible.

Partnering with Spark

School Partners help us collaborate with students to make real-world career exploration possible. Companies open their doors to students and employees share their workspaces for group activities and one-to-one mentoring. Funders make it all possible with strategic investments in the next generation of difference-makers.

School Partnerships

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Corporate Partnerships

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Community Partnerships

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Funding Partnerships

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Community Connections & Nonprofit Partnerships

Spark works with organizations across the country to expand opportunities for students to learn more about themselves and what’s possible for their unique futures. Through program support, shared resources, coalition building and content marketing we come together to help students succeed.

Growing The Possibility Movement

We all play a role in helping students experience what’s possible for their future!

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Students, families, professionals, companies, schools — we all play a role. The possibilities for students are endless when we come together to share and inspire.

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