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Powering Possibility

Schools, companies, organizations and funders are committed to providing Spark Students the access, skills and resources needed to understand, experience and pursue what’s possible.

Partnering with Spark

School Partners help us collaborate with students to make real-world career exploration possible. Companies open their doors to students, and employees share their work-spaces for group activities and one-to-one mentoring. Funders make it all possible with strategic investments in the next generation of difference-makers.

School Partnerships

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Corporate Partnerships

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Community Partnerships

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Funding Partnerships

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School Partnerships

Spark partners with middle schools in select regions to provide students with career exploration and self-discovery opportunities at leading companies.

“We’ve seen their grades improve, we’ve seen them become more outgoing, but the most important part for us is that we are providing our students with the opportunity to engage in learning experiences outside the confines of their own communities.”
– Sean Holiday, former Principal of Camino Nuevo Charter

92% of Spark Students improve their engagement in the classroom, attendance or grades

89% of Spark Students agreed that they can master the skills they need for the job they want

85% of Spark Students demonstrate positive mindsets contributing to success in school and other areas of life

Uniting Communities

Spark brings together students, schools, families, companies and individuals to make possibilities real.

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Students, families, professionals, companies, schools — we all play a role. The possibilities for students are endless when we come together to share and inspire.

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