About Our Program

A Window Into the Future

Spark engages communities to provide career exploration and self-discovery opportunities that help middle school students understand, experience and pursue what’s possible.

For many students, academic engagement declines because the connection between school and the future is unclear. At Spark, we believe that every student deserves to be engaged in their education and inspired to succeed. While more opportunities are being developed to support this transition, it remains an under-funded area. Spark is at the forefront of equipping students with the tools to make informed decisions about high school and to begin their secondary school career on the strongest footing.

The Spark Program

Understand What’s Possible


Seventh graders participate in Spark Labs, or on-site workshops, hosted by local companies and organizations. Employee volunteers guide students through structured, group activities that build skills and expand career options.

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Experience What’s Possible


Spark connects 7th grade students with employee volunteers based on common interests and skills for Workplace-Based Mentorships. Spark Students receive direct guidance from a Spark Mentor and work together on a project related to their career interests.

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Make Possibility Real


Spark offers High School Pathways and Ninth Grade Support to 8th and 9th grade students so they can take action and feel equipped with the knowledge and resources to make the possibilities they’ve experienced real.

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Spark works collaboratively with the following partners, experts and organizations to support students in the middle grades.