Experience What’s Possible

When students spend extended time with a mentor at a company, they’re able to see what the future may hold.

Spark Mentorship Overview

Spark Students are paired with a mentor based on mutual interests. Students visit their mentor’s workplace once a week for 10-13 weeks.

Spark Mentors guide structured, two-hour sessions filled with social-emotional learning activities with the end-goal of creating a Spark Project.

Mentorships culminate in Share Your Spark, an event where students and mentors present their projects–anything from working electrical circuits to marketing plans– to their colleagues, friends, families and the community.

One-to-One Mentoring

Students spend quality time with a caring adult

Hands-On Learning

Workplace-based activities immerse students in an exciting glimpse of what’s possible

Project-Based Learning

Students experience the value of planning, implementation and practice with the creation of a Spark Project

Individual Skills

92% of students demonstrated growth in at least one social-emotional skill such as networking, problem solving and teamwork

Community Connections

83% of students talked with their mentor about what matters to them

Performance & Engagement

92% of students improved school performance

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All individuals can play a role in helping middle school students experience what’s possible for their future!

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