Understand What’s Possible

When students experience new environments, people, industries and careers, their vision for the future expands.

Spark Lab Overview

Seventh graders participate in Spark Labs or on-site workshops hosted by local companies and organizations.

Students develop a broader understanding of industries and careers of all shapes and sizes by visiting different offices and working with new people throughout the fall semester.

Employee volunteers guide students through structured, group activities that build skills and help students understand how their interests, abilities and skills relate to workplaces and positions.

New Skills

“I learned about networking and how people help other people. I learned that people help other people find great opportunities.”

– Robert, Spark Student

New Network

“The [volunteers] give you good advice about high school and how their experiences helped them.”

– Ricquan, Spark Student

New Perspective

“I learned to think about other options in life.”

– Layla, Spark Student

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