July 27, 2018  /   Bay Area

Spark Program Joins America’s Promise Alliance

 The Spark program today announced it has become an official partner of ​America’s Promise Alliance​. As a partner, Spark will work with America’s Promise to help America’s young people receive the resources they need to lead healthy, successful lives. America’s Promise Alliance is the nation’s largest network dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth. The Alliance brings together more than 400 national organizations and thousands of community leaders to focus the nation’s attention on young people’s lives and voices, lead bold campaigns to expand opportunity, conduct groundbreaking research on what young people need to thrive, and accelerate the adoption of strategies that help young people succeed. GradNation, a signature campaign, has helped to increase the nation’s high school graduation rate to a record high. In the past 12 years, an additional 2 million young people have graduated from high school.

“Creating stronger communities where youth feel supported and encouraged is essential to America’s future strength and vitality,” said ​John Gomperts​, president and CEO of America’s Promise. “By coming together in common purpose, we demonstrate our commitment and the fact that we all have a role to play in the success of our children and youth, and we are infinitely more powerful as a united force. We’re thrilled that Spark has joined this movement.”

Founded in 1997 at the Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, America’s Promise leads an alliance of organizations, communities and individuals dedicated to fulfilling the presidential declaration signed on that day calling upon the nation to keep five crucial promises to every young person in America: the presence of caring adults in their lives; safe surroundings to live, learn and grow; healthy starts and healthy childhoods; an effective education that builds marketable skills; and opportunities to serve others.

As an official partner, Spark will support and take part in the work of America’s Promise to help more of the nation’s young people experience the Five Promises and finish high school prepared for college and the 21​st century workforce.

“Spark is thrilled to join such a powerful alliance of social impact organizations committed to improving the lives of our nation’s young people,” says ​Jennifer Rider​, Executive Director of Spark in the Bay Area. “Spark’s Career Exploration and Self-Discovery programs help students understand and experience what’s possible for their futures and prepares them to turn that possibility into reality. By uniting diverse communities, Spark uses workplace experiences, mentoring and guided support to help students explore careers, build skills and forge their path to a successful future. We could not be a stronger advocate for America’s Promise.”

To learn more about America’s Promise Alliance, visit ​www.americaspromise.org​.

About Spark
Spark was founded on the belief that all young people should be inspired to explore who they can become, and all adults have a role in supporting them in that journey. What began with a few students and mentors in Redwood City has grown into a national movement helping students discover career options and connect their future with classroom learning through skill-building and mentoring. From its roots in the Bay Area,

Spark has expanded to Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. Coast to coast, Spark is building The Possibility Movement: a diverse community coming together to help middle school students understand, experience and pursue what’s possible. Based on more than a decade of success, the movement is making a difference: 92% of Spark students have graduated on time, or are on track to do so, compared to only 68% of their peers.

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