The Making of a Movement

Spark began in 2004 as a simple yet powerful idea. Two educators in the San Francisco Bay Area believed that mentorship and career exploration could transform minds, communities and futures, unlocking possibilities for young people at a critical stage of development. From its roots in the Bay Area, Spark has expanded to Chicago in 2011 and Philadelphia in 2013.

Coast to coast, Spark is building The Possibility Movement: a diverse community coming together to help middle school students understand, experience and pursue what’s possible. Based on a decade of success, the movement is making a difference: 92% of Spark students have graduated on time or are on track to do so, compared to only 68% of their peers.

Our Three Regions

Bay Area

Established 2004

4 Schools

300 Students

12 Corporate Partners


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Established 2011

11 Schools

800 Students

34 Corporate Partners

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Established 2013

6 Schools

250 Students

25 Corporate Partners

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