July 19, 2017  /   Art & Culture

How to Make an Animated Movie

Seventh grade Bache-Martin student Jaara and Deloitte mentor Lucy based their Spark project on a common love of animated movies. With Lucy’s help, Jaara researched production budgets and credit reels of actual animated films before deciding to create an animation storyboard with video credits for her project. An avid reader, Jaara wrote a fantasy storyline about a girl navigating a multi-race world of humans, powerful supers and grays, to serve as the basis for the storyboard images, (some of which may feature her own drawings!). The storyboard and characters were created on website StoryboardThat, and the two used Adobe Premiere Elements basics to produce a credits reel. Jaara’s creative vision for the project was supported Lucy’s familiarity with previous video projects. As a mentor, Lucy explained, “I think the best part about working on this project is that, not only is Jaara learning new things, but so am I. There are so many parts of the movie-making industry that neither of us were aware of

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