July 19, 2017  /   Art & Culture

Photography Exhibition

Bache-Martin seventh-grader, Jayonna, has always liked taking photos but never delved further into photography. Her friends and family praise her ability to frame an image, and she likes to take photos that others will enjoy. Her Deloitte mentor, Elena, provided Jayonna with the opportunity to take photos on her hand-me-down camera. Each week they went through Jayonna’s photos from the week and continued to refine her technique. Jayonna learned about camera manual settings, including ISO, shutter speed, aperture, macro mode and more, and spent her spare time practicing. Jayonna shared, “I like taking pictures of landforms. Then I was introduced to street photography and I like it even more.” Elena was thrilled with Jayonna’s interest in street photography, noting that it is one of the hardest styles to master. Jayonna’s final project featured a print gallery of her best photography work from the semester, edited with  her new Photoshop skills! The theme of her exhibit was “Beauty in Light of the Negativity in the World.”

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