January 16, 2018  /   The Bay Area

National Mentoring Month: Marcus and Georgi

​January is National Mentoring Month, and we want to thank all of our dedicated mentors who helped serve 279 students across 9 Bay Area schools this past semester! Spark in the Bay Area would like to highlight a student-mentor pair: Marcus and mentor Georgi. For this pair, the two decided to procure parts to build a PC computer while being cost-efficient. Marcus, student at Willie Brown Jr. Middle School in San Francisco, learned what the main components of a computer are and was able to present the machine to family and friends at Share Your Spark!

When asked to speak on the experience, Georgi, who works at Salesforce, was able to share why he decided to become a mentor and one of his favorite moments with Marcus.

“I joined Spark to give back to the world and the community. I wanted to enhance the life of a young individual with the opportunity to experience our work environment. I did not have a chance like that while growing up so I thought it would be nice to give something I did not have.

My favorite memory was having all the parts of the computer that Marcus was building on the floor of our computer lab and him building the computer from scratch with dedication, focus and intent; I saw his enthusiasm. I learned to combine learning with fun, to put myself in someone else’s shoes, and how I can help enhance their life.​” – Georgi (Mentor), Salesforce

Thank you Georgi and the many others who helped make a huge impact this semester! We look forward to sharing more success stories in the near future. 

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