July 12, 2017  /   The Bay Area

A Parent Invests in Spark to Pay It Forward for Other Kids

Joseph was a shy and quiet student who struggled to find his confidence and improve his public speaking skills.  He was nervous when he learned about creating a Spark Project and presenting it at a Discovery Event.  “That’s where Spark and my mentors came in,” said Joseph.  “They didn’t just throw me into a presentation.  I learned skills that helped me with public speaking and I practiced.  When it came time to present my project, I was nervous, but I did it.”

Though it was Joseph’s idea to join Spark, his mom Rocel supported the decision and encouraged her son throughout the program. Rocel recalls, “Spark events, including Discovery Night, are really great. When you walk around at these events, you see all of these children.  And then you listen to them speak, and they are very smart!  Without Spark, these kids may not have a way to show it.  Spark helps kids to safely put themselves out there and find out what they can do.”

This transformation is precisely what Rocel observed in her son. “When he presented his project… I saw my first glimpse of the wonderful young man he’s become since participating in the Spark program. Now he’s in high school getting A’s and B’s, he’s helping other kids to overcome their public speaking fears, and he has more friends than I did growing up!  His teachers are also grooming him to become a leader in the student body… Because of Spark, I feel more confident in Joseph’s very bright future.”

This is why after Joseph completed Spark, Rocel signed up to make a monthly donation to Spark.  “It’s not much,” said Rocel, “but I wanted a way to give back because Spark has given us so much.”

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