July 12, 2017  /   Los Angeles

A Spark Mentorship that Continues to Inspire

Fatima, a middle school student, was initially a little nervous to participate in Spark, but was excited by the prospect of getting to know someone she could look up to. Fatima was paired with Mike, Hulu’s Internal Communications – Tech Solutions Manager. The pair bonded quickly — even creating a signature back-to-back pose so everyone would remember the “ Mike and Fatima crew at Hulu!”  Fatima admired that Mike would “…always work hard wherever he was and would show [her] what his daily life at Hulu was like.”  Mike taught Fatima to be proud of who she is and to follow her dreams of becoming a pediatric surgeon. Since completing Spark, the pair has remained in contact with Mike attending Fatima’s graduation and the pair being featured in NBC’s series about philanthropy, GIVE. Of her Spark experience, Fatima says, “ I learned that any idea you have can be possible – it is often the crazy ideas that make a difference – and not to worry about what others say or think.”


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