July 12, 2017  /   Los Angeles

Sparking the Next Step in a Student’s Journey

Andrew joined Spark as an academically talented, but painfully shy 8th grader, lacking the skills and confidence to navigate life outside of the classroom. Andrew’s Spark Mentor, Marco, worked with him on building those attributes and in the process, built a relationship that continued after the Spark semester ended. Andrew gained professional experience interning in Marco’s office and when it came time for the college application process, Marco wrote a glowing recommendation. Andrew’s hard work paid off when he was accepted into Brown University!

Andrew’s success was celebrated by many and perfectly expressed by his father: “I was taking in all the good news from last night, holding my feelings back while seeing Andrew and my wife crying of joy until I woke up this morning, sat on my bed…and cried too. Parents can only go so far in helping our kids’ dreams come true and that is why we are SO THANKFUL to the Spark team, Marco and all the other great mentors and teachers that Andrew has had throughout these years.”

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